Smart Wide Area Networks with WiFi, LTE Mobile access and LoRaWAN or LTE-M/NB-IoT IoT connectivity

Agricultural IoT systems are advanced technologies that integrate sensors, communication networks, and data analysis tools to enhance the efficiency and productivity of agricultural operations.

These systems are designed to collect, analyze, and transmit real-time data on various aspects of crop and livestock management, including weather conditions, soil moisture, irrigation, and fertilization.

One of the key benefits of these systems is their ability to provide farmers with real-time insights into their operations, allowing them to make informed decisions about crop management, irrigation, and fertilization.
This can lead to significant cost savings, as farmers can optimize their use of resources and reduce waste.

In addition, agricultural IoT systems can also help improve decision-making by providing farmers with detailed data on crop growth, yield, and quality. This information can be used to make informed decisions about crop rotation,
planting schedules, and harvesting times, leading to increased productivity and profitability.

Moreover, these systems can also help promote sustainability in agriculture by reducing the use of resources such as water, fertilizers, and pesticides.

By using precision irrigation and fertilization techniques, farmers can reduce the environmental impact of their operations while still achieving high yields.

AgNet IoT is owned by Network Presence which is a 100% Australian operated business that has been in the IT infrastructure market for over 10 years.

Network Presence and AgNet IoT both use and recommend Open Source software products providing highly cost effective and powerful systems for network deployment and management along with scalable Internet of Things systems for data collection and visualisation.

Reduce your software costs and increase productivity with Open Source software and AgNet IoT.

AgNet IoT monitoring systems are accessible from anywhere on the Internet and include the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to secure your access and use from the Internet.

AgNet IoT offers a range of outdoor network hardware to facilitate the deployment of highly cost effective wide area WiFi and LoRaWAN IoT networks across rural properties for Smart Farms IoT and similar productive access and monitoring purposes using any form of Internet access from NBN or LTE mobile carrier Internet access to satellite Internet services.

Extend the WiFi coverage across remote areas of your property to enable WiFi calling from your mobile phones without needing Mobile Network coverage and provide Internet access to your various devices and LoRaWAN IoT gateways for any LoRa sensors monitoring many aspects of your operations from open gates to water, fuel and feed level sensors.

AgNet IoT can source a range of IoT sensors using LoRa or direct LTE-M uplinks.

LTE-M is the IoT network provided by the 3 main mobile carriers in Australia and is suitable if in coverage range and only single sensors required. LTE-M is considerably cheaper than normal mobile broadband and is a narrowband low bandwidth network designed for IoT systems. LTE-M has a monthly access cost of $5-$10 per month per sensor depending on how frequently the sensors report data.

LoRa is a long range (~10KM) internal network and cheaper to use for multiple sensors with no ongoing access cost like LTE-M.

Using the AgNet IoT NP nodes, a very large area can be covered with WiFi and LoRa access using multiple Nodes and LoRa Access Points.

The IoT system monitoring can also provide a mapping asset tracking system with GPS and Bluetooth sensors which provides a map showing device locations which will drill down to sensor data when clicked on the map.

Know where your assets are and the status of any associated sensor data in a single easy to use interface.

With weatherproof and rugged network Nodes, a Network Presence network can operate in many difficult environmental conditions and includes stand-alone solar powered nodes for areas with no access to mains power so your network can extend beyond the reach of power and cables.

The NP Solar Node is independent of mains power and is designed to be located in remote areas where current network coverage is limited and no mains power is available.

The NP Solar Node is fully self-contained, waterproof and designed to withstand a wide range of potentially hostile, outdoor environments.

The NP Solar Node can be used to increase WiFi coverage across a farm, provide Internet access and WiFi calling in areas with limited LTE 4G Mobile coverage and provide LoRaWAN gateway access in areas with no main power.

The hardware is all 12 VDC so no Inverters or 240 VAC are required for full operation.

The NP Solar node is a monitored and managed solar and battery array which can fully power the required WiFi, LTE mobile (3G/4G) and LoRa routers on a single pole or mast with battery power to keep it all online overnight or on cloudy days when solar power generation is lower.

The NP Solar Node is fully managed and monitored for solar power generation and usage and device connectivity with both Internet Cloud-based and locally-based monitoring options.

There are multiple options for the WiFi, LTE, LTE-M and LoRa hardware to suit a wide range of applications which can be any or all of these devices including LTE routers with larger antennas available to provide mobile phone network access in areas with limited mobile signal and can connect to the LTE Mobile networks even when your phones can not.

The NP Solar Node and provide Internet access via LTE mobile access in areas where there may be no mobile signal at a farmhouse but there is some coverage elsewhere on the property but no mains power where the NP Solar node can be used to connect to the LTE Mobile network and then use long-range WiFi to connect back to the farmhouse or other areas of the property. The WiFi can then be used for both Internet access and WiFi mobile calling where available on the carrier network.

Extend your mobile coverage across your property with WiFi calling so you can make and receive calls where there is no normal mobile coverage

A key purpose of these networks is providing remote LoRaWAN gateway access connecting to the Internet via NBN or LTE mobile networks (and pretty much any other form of Internet access) for monitoring devices like farm sensors for water and feed levels or livestock movements or anything using the increasingly popular LoRa based long range sensors.

Make your property a Smart Farm with wide ranging LoRa and WiFi coverage.

Providing multiple WiFi or LoRaWAN access sites across a property where there is no mains power available at these sites, the NP Solar Nodes can interconnect with mains powered NP Nodes via WiFi to provide a single network spanning large areas with no normal coverage available and can be combined with mains powered nodes for a full solution across wide ranging landscapes and properties.

All AgNet IoT backend infrastructure is operated by Network Presence on private VPS servers and does not use any public servers (ie The Things Network or similar) to ensure you have private storage of all data.

Network Presence also offers Access Control systems for casual public WiFi access which can be used with any of the AgNet IoT systems to provide access for visitors without allowing permanent access so you wont have to provide visitors with your network passwords.

NP Solar Nodes and all other network hardware is offered with industrial strength full monitoring and ongoing management to ensure you get the best uptime and reliability possible in any situation.

All services are tightly secured with VPNs used to encrypt traffic and remote access across the Internet and industrial grade firewalls on each device which can be configured to suit your requirements.