AgNet IoT solution examples

Water tank or Dam water level monitoring

An AgNet IoT network can be used to easily monitor levels in water tanks, dams and furl tanks using either LoRa sensors or LTE-M/NB-IoT connected sensors.
Different sites can use different connectivity and still feed into the same backend for data monitoring and generating alarms.
All these sensors are weatherproof and battery powered so they can be deployed in many areas, including areas with no mains power.

Eliminate the need for staff to visit across sites to check water or fuel levels in a range of situations and get automatic email or SMS alarms when levels drop to pre-configured capacity levels.

There is a range of level sensors which can be used for a combination of different requirements. All of these sensors are weatherproof and battery powered and can be connected by LoRa or LTE-M networks for maximum flexibility.

1.External Ultrasonic water tank level sensors used can be externally mounted under the water tank for non metallic tanks and do not require a penetration access hole in the tank so they are easy to install and maintain.

2.Top mounted Ultrasonic level sensors measure the distance between the sensor and the surface of the liquid and can be use to measure Dam or Water trough levels but do need to able to see the surface so are suited to monitoring water troughs or Dams rather than tanks with no access to the water surface.

3.Hydrostatic water level sensors are placed inside the tank or Dam and use water pressure to determine the water level.

Agricultural soil or water quality monitoring

Remotely monitor soil moisture and conductivity condition in fields or glass houses using LoRa or LTE-M/NB-IoT connected sensors to support irrigation decisions and ensure efficient water use.

Weatherproof battery powered soil sensors spread through the fields send regular data to the monitoring backend where alarms can be triggered when moisture level drop below configured values so watering can be confined to areas which actually need the water.

Historical data collected by the monitoring backend also provides long term trends and patterns of water use across the property.

Fleet tracking and personal GPS enabled alarms

Vehicle mounted and personal staff GPS enabled sensors connected by LoRa or LTE-M/NB-IoT can provide real time location information which can be mapped in the monitoring backend to show current locations of equipment and staff for a cost effective way to see where thing and people are on a remote property.

These systems can also be used to trigger alarms with location information in the case of emergency which significantly improves response times for injured staff or broken down equipment when there is no mobile phone or radio coverage.